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Rocket Saddle Mid

Rocket Saddle Mid

New addition to our product line. Light, slim and comfy saddle ideal for enduro/fr bikes. Perfect for pedalling, comfortable, yet still very light. The front section features thicker padding for comfort whereas the rear padding is reduced for weight saving and pedal efficiency. High end spec: super light ‘Honey Comb’ foam, light CrN/Titanium Alloy rails, waterproof PU Leather. Perfect mix between comfort and performance.

-standard rails system
-size: medium with mid padding
-length x width: 262mm x 131mm
-material: nylon base / light ‘Honey Comb’ foam / 1pcs PU Leather cover
-rails: light CrN/Titanium Alloy rails, ~25mm positioning
-weight: ~230g
-colours: black, black with blue base, white with green base

    ¥9,500 通常価格